Powerful Spiritual Baths

Spiritual baths are powerful tool to have while,developing your spirituality and also to remove negativity energy out of your life. Which can would hold you, back and keep you from progressing and accomplishing your goals in the physical realm and spiritual realms. So as you can see it is important, to keep your spiritual body as well your physical body clean.

All baths are customized for your particular situation. My spirit guides come and assist to make each bath.
Only quality herbs an ingredients are used in your bath. 

Custom cleansing bath– This bath is to remove negative energy and that could block you achieving you goals in life.

Employment bath-Gets you a job or better job

Custom love bath -This is bath is bring love into your life or enhance the love in your relationship.

Custom prosperity and stability bath – To bring more prosperity in your life this bath is great for career minded and those who have business that they want to flourish and prosper

Custom Protection bath– This bath is to Stop negativity in its tracks keep negative persons from cause you issues as well.

Spiritual Baths $177.07 per bath

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