Tarot Card Parties

Tarot card parties are a great way to entertain guests

This is perfect entertainment for a girls nights out, small parties, etc. Any small get together where you expect 8-20 guests. If you have more guests no problem. I will bring one of my trusted colleague’s who I know will give your guest an excellent reading

I know you be asking your self right now how do I go about booking a tarot card party? Well I have at those answers right here for you.

The Fine Details

Call early and book ahead
Parties require a minimum of 8 attendees in addition to the host/hostess
Each guest will receive a private reading lasting 10-20 minutes or so, depending how many guests there are.

The host/hostess must provide a quiet and private area for the readings away from the main party area (bedroom, dining room, etc.) Will work fine.

It is a great idea for the host /hostess to provide a light refreshment for their guests.
I require a $150.00 deposit

The cost to give your own tarot card party is only $40.00 per guest

Please feel free to e-mail me for more detail So you can be on your way to throwing an amazing and exciting tarot.
party. E-mail Me Today To Book Your Party Here

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