Testimonials !!!

My husband had left for 10 months,I was at my wits I admit things could have moved faster for me to bring my husband back. But he came back and Mambo Sandy help me through it all. I wished I would have listen to her in the beginning of my work.
Junaita B. 1/24/2010.

11/28/2012 PSmith0000 Direct and to the point-enjoyed the reading

I’ve seen many readers, both on the East Coast and West, but I ALWAYS come back to Sandy. She is, quite simply, incredible. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend, a TRUE friend who lays it all on the line for you. She doesn’t BS you and gives you her honest opinion, sometimes whether you like it or not. It is this honesty towards all her clients that will let you, as her client, know when it’s time to either “let go” or take a different route. She also works WITH you, not just for you. So, if she advises you to light a candle to work with her, do it. Part of the magic lies within you. Sandy helps bring it to the surface, moving towards a manifestation of either your dream or a solution to your problem.
Even when Sandy does my readings by phone, her ability as an empath never ceases to amaze me. Her knowledge of the people in my life, even down to a physical description of the person and their name always blows me away. Quite simply, Sandy is one of the absolute best readers and workers I have ever encountered in almost 20 years.
Rita G

Thank you Mambo Sandy for restoring my marriage with your lwas Anaisa Pye Baron Del Cemterio I did not think I was going to have so such a fast result. I am glad to have my wife back home and my marriage restored.
Thank you

If you want a spiritual worker who will baby sit you and hold your hand do not come to Mambo Sandy. If results are what you want then you will be happy.
Donna. K 2/5/2011

A woman of her word when she says happen will, But please do not get on her bad side. I was almost on that side. My wife did come back I am so happy. She saved my 23 year marriage.

Gary F.

Mambo Sandy is a serious spiritual worker She does not play games with you. She will tell you how it is. If you follow her instruction you will get the result you are looking for. I have worked with Mambo Sandy for years. For my business and relationship issues.

Sue T 3/20/2011

Ms. Sandy is simply amazing. She breaks everything down for you and she tell you exactly like it is. Everything she tells you is straight, direct, and on point. I felt as if I had known her all my life. I would recommend her to anyone. I wouldn’t trust anyone else but her. I felt so comfortable and at ease. When Ms. Sandy says she is gonna do something best believe it’s gonna happen. She calls and texts to check on you and she is so genuine. Ms. Sandy is truly a gift and I will always use her. Best decision I ever made.