Please Read!!


I made this page for your convince so that you have a clear idea of what to expect while working with me so that there are no misunderstandings later on. So please take the time to read this page thoroughly.

1. You will receive pictures of all spiritual work that is performed for you.

2. You will receive 3 calls from me when you have having spiritual work done with me. If you feel as though you need special  guidance. You will need to book a session for such time.

3.I do not care how other spiritual workers run their business

4.Can I meet Sandy in person. Yes you can her assistant will book a time that will work for the both of you if need be.

5.  Sandy is the God daughter of Papa Hector, her lineage and training is authentic.

6. Do you do any work for spiritual work for free? No  remember you get what you pay for in this world.

7.How long does it take to cast a spell?

Depends on the Spell. Usually 3-9 days.

8.. Do spells backfire?

They can. If you are doing it without pure intentions. If you are doing black magic, negative work, without any real rhyme or reason. (Though we do not offer those services here. We do offer JUSTICE and Protection works) My godfathers teaching and words here (PAPA HECTOR)

10. Understand that I take care of all emails in the order that I receive them.   My Email box is handled by my assistant, Raphel .  Please note that due to the high volume of emails. We have a 36-48 hour  response time so  please be patient  and sending multiple E-mails will not speed up the process. Each e-mail is read and handled properly.


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