It Is important to Refresh Your Spirit

With the pressures of daily living we can find ourselves neglecting our spiritual needs. I see so man people in the gym trying to get their physical bodies in shape. I often wonder do they work as hard to get their spiritual body in shape.


Did you know that sometimes that tired and worn down feeling you feel is not just you being physically tired . Sometimes it is your spiritual body trying to get your attention to you. Now I know you may be saying How can I do that. Well here are few tips on how to do that.


1.Turn of  your cell phone,tv,computer. Just sit quietly enjoy the peace that will come over you.


2. Start keeping a journal and right down your thoughts and events that have happen during the day.


3.Take the time to truly enjoy nature in some form that is pleasing to you.


4.Another way is is to take a spiritual bath to renew your spirit .


Doing these things will help you renew your spirit and give you a peace of mind.

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