Is Your Spiritual Body Dirty?

I have been asked why it is important to do a spiritual bath, Well just as your physical body gets dirty so does your spiritual body get dirty, Did you know that when you visit certain places you can pick up negative energy.

There are many way that spiritual dirt can adhere to your spiritual body,
having a heated argument or traumatizing experience can also leave spiritual grime on your spiritual body.
If you are sensitive sometimes you can, tell it is time for you to do a spiritual bath. You may feel run down and irritable ,maybe you can not sleep or you start to have problems at work.

My godfather has a saying what goes in the physical world can affect what goes in in the spiritual world and vice versa. spiritual workers have to do spiritual baths to for we are constantly ,cleaning people and removing bad energy from them.

Having spiritual dirt sticking to you can cause all types of blockages and also slow down spiritual work that is being done on your behalf. So now you see how it is important its for you to have a spiritual bath done at least once a month.