When Was The Last Time You Had a Spiritual Consultation?

Do not wait until things start going bad to get a spiritual consultation. Try to get a spiritual consualtaion at least 4 times a year. Spring Summer and Fall Winter. These are great times of the year to get a consultation done. Some people that are really into keeping their spiritual house in order get a spiritual consultation when the moon changes, Now the question is when, are you going to schedule your spiritual consultation?

Your Inner Voice Would Like To Talk To You!!

In this day and time everyone has something to say to you and tell you how to live your life but you must realize that you have your road map already in hand you just have to tune into it more. But we often are too busy in our lives to listen to the inner voice, especially now days with all the technology that we have available to us.

That inner voice is always available to give us advice, only if we take the time to listen an we hear it. Take time for yourself turn of the TV and all other tings that beep and ding (LoL). Just sit quietly you eventually will start to feel a vibe of peace surround you enjoy that feeling soon you will be able to tune into that inner voice that.