Is Your Spiritual Body Dirty?

I have been asked why it is important to do a spiritual bath, Well just as your physical body gets dirty so does your spiritual body get dirty, Did you know that when you visit certain places you can pick up negative energy.

There are many way that spiritual dirt can adhere to your spiritual body,
having a heated argument or traumatizing experience can also leave spiritual grime on your spiritual body.
If you are sensitive sometimes you can, tell it is time for you to do a spiritual bath. You may feel run down and irritable ,maybe you can not sleep or you start to have problems at work.

My godfather has a saying what goes in the physical world can affect what goes in in the spiritual world and vice versa. spiritual workers have to do spiritual baths to for we are constantly ,cleaning people and removing bad energy from them.

Having spiritual dirt sticking to you can cause all types of blockages and also slow down spiritual work that is being done on your behalf. So now you see how it is important its for you to have a spiritual bath done at least once a month.

Listening To Your Spiritual Worker Will Yield You Better Results

So you have found your spiritual worker and you have received your consultation. Now the next step to solving your problem
is for your spiritual worker to do the spiritual work for you. You must understand that you must follow the directions, that your spiritual worker has given to you.

If you deviate from what your spiritual worker tells you to do could delay or ruin your results totally. Many times clients choose to not follow the directions of their spiritual worker.

You came to your spiritual worker for a reason So why waste time and money not following directions. Save yourself a headache and just do what your spiritual worker tells you to do. If you do this 98.5 percent of the time you get the result you desire. The key is to follow the directions of your spiritual worker to the letter. Sometimes you may feel though some of the directions, are silly but trust me they are not.

If your spiritual worker tells you to light a candle every night at 12:00 am then do just that. Set that time aside and be ready to light your candle at that exact time. You never know why you spiritual work told you to light at that time. They could be doing something along with you at that same time. So to sum this all up follow the directions of, your spiritual worker and you will get the results you desire.

When Was The Last Time You Had a Spiritual Consultation?

Do not wait until things start going bad to get a spiritual consultation. Try to get a spiritual consualtaion at least 4 times a year. Spring Summer and Fall Winter. These are great times of the year to get a consultation done. Some people that are really into keeping their spiritual house in order get a spiritual consultation when the moon changes, Now the question is when, are you going to schedule your spiritual consultation?

Your Inner Voice Would Like To Talk To You!!

In this day and time everyone has something to say to you and tell you how to live your life but you must realize that you have your road map already in hand you just have to tune into it more. But we often are too busy in our lives to listen to the inner voice, especially now days with all the technology that we have available to us.

That inner voice is always available to give us advice, only if we take the time to listen an we hear it. Take time for yourself turn of the TV and all other tings that beep and ding (LoL). Just sit quietly you eventually will start to feel a vibe of peace surround you enjoy that feeling soon you will be able to tune into that inner voice that.


5 Ways To Nourish Your Spirit

We nourish our physical bodies our bodies on a daily basis by eating and for some exercising. The same attention should be paid to your spiritual body as well.
I have listed some ways that can nourish your spirit.

1.Take the time to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

2.Make time just to gaze up at the stars

3.Get rid of old things that you no longer need.

4.For 10-15 minutes a day disconnect yourself from a technology (Enjoy the peace and quiet your spirit will thank you)

5. Put on some music and just dance let yourself go. You will feel so much better afterwards. (You do not have to be a great dancer just to enjoy the music and have fun)

We have so much going on in our lives we tend to neglect our spiritual bodies. Your spiritual body is just as important as your physical one.

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It Is important to Refresh Your Spirit

With the pressures of daily living we can find ourselves neglecting our spiritual needs. I see so man people in the gym trying to get their physical bodies in shape. I often wonder do they work as hard to get their spiritual body in shape.


Did you know that sometimes that tired and worn down feeling you feel is not just you being physically tired . Sometimes it is your spiritual body trying to get your attention to you. Now I know you may be saying How can I do that. Well here are few tips on how to do that.


1.Turn of  your cell phone,tv,computer. Just sit quietly enjoy the peace that will come over you.


2. Start keeping a journal and right down your thoughts and events that have happen during the day.


3.Take the time to truly enjoy nature in some form that is pleasing to you.


4.Another way is is to take a spiritual bath to renew your spirit .


Doing these things will help you renew your spirit and give you a peace of mind.