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There are many ways for you to receive a spiritual consultation (reading) from me Please pick the best option for you. if you are ordering by PayPAL please take note of the following.

In the Special Notes Section, during checkout, enter proper names and dobs. If you are reading to check someone else, send in their full name and dob also. A photo is preferred, though not absolutely necessary. You can email photos to

Please Follow the Checkout Directions and the Paypal Buttons to Pay and Complete your Order.

For consultations, once your order is completed, you will receive an email from me within 2-4 business days to schedule an appointment. Within the email, she will let you know what appointments we have left available.

Once your appointment is scheduled & confirmed, I (Sandy) will call you at that time at the number you provided on your order form. If you need me to call you at a different number, please inform my secretary of that information prior to your scheduled appointment.

For international appointments, you will be required to call me. The information you will need will be provided to you at time of scheduling.

* If you are having a phone consultation, you can also place a date and time which you would prefer to be called with your consultation. Date must be at least two days after your order is completed. No promises are made that I will have that appointment available.

**Note- No consultation, scheduling of appointments or spiritual work appointments are available Sunday & Monday. .



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